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about the job

This is a great new way to actively ensure a bright future for your industry and simultaneously earn a sizeable supplemental income while expending minimal energy and effort utilizing the experiences you already have and the training tools provided by Timaerocc to guide young professionals through the steps in achieving the success that you have.

renumeration and payment

Client payment is received by platform hub via credit card or visa and 87 % of total consultation fee is remitted to the Verified Consultant (VC) after receiving positive feedback by consultee.


The minimum requirement is four (4) years of post basic qualification experience in your designated role, other evaluation criteria are to be determined by the board of directors at their sole discretion on a case by case basis. Assets include licenses, leadership experience, diplomas, awards, language proficiency results and previous volunteering experience. Verification of at least two (2) professional References and a police clearance certificate is mandatory.

Frequently asked questions

No! Verified consultants on our platform have opportunity to accept live sessions or take booking appointments as they become available. Shareable VC codes are available.

Absolutely free to sign up.

A typical sessions is divided into two sections that lasts 45 min in total. The first section consists of a targeted 20 mins introductory presentation with the client followed by a 25 min discussion section for questions and answers.

Entering a career is not so different than engaging in a relationship. Just like you would be wise to seek pre- marriage counselling with your partner it makes sense to conference over this life altering decision.

Make no mistake your career success will determine the quality of life you live.  

Always, we are always on the hunt for talent.

Our doors are open to the most prolific professionals. If you are open to an opportunity Contact Us

Our Consultants say

"I love to teach and freelance career consulting just makes so much sense to me. As a bonus I earn $$ for advice I would give to family and friends"
Hilary Leigh
"I'd hate to see someone make the same career mistakes I and my colleagues made, its just unnecessary. Every parent and guardian should be using this service to give their child the best chance of success "
Hall Read
"It is a privilege to help anyone interested in my career. I mean no man can enrich himself unless he enriches others, to be frank I see younger versions of myself in the clients"
Quintin Angus
"Timaerocc does 90% of the work for me, its a no brainer to add my two cents from the life experience I already have and I get to keep my main job, most of my free time while earning money"
Jillie Tempest