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Just like individual goals and requirements can be unique: the services and associated cost for solutions provided by TimaeroCC vary to meet your needs. We have a membership community which allows us to better understand and serve our dedicated clients but we are just as commited to helping everyone who walks through our virtual doors.

Here is a general guide to our normal price schedule for both TimaeroCC members and non-members in 2021.

Yes, students are eligible to apply for all applicable scholarships and grants outside Timaerocc. TimaeroCC maintains a frequently updated scholarship registry and we also host quaterly draws for our active members with value up to $100,000 Canadian dollars. Please note most scholarships in our registry are for students already enrolled in valid programs at Designated Learning Institutetion (DLIs) in Canada and United States.

For more information on Lotto-Acada and how to become an active member visit the Lotto-Acada page on our website or ask to speak with an advisor.


Career consulting starts with a detailed assesment conducted by a qualified advisor. Once both the advisor and the candidate reach a common understanding of the careers goals,an advisor will propose at least one career pathway. Once the Pathway is establish and the candidate is ready, they are set to start appliying to suitable colleges and universities.

For detailed steps on how we lead you through the entire process visit the career-pathway page on our website.