Five Great Tips For Your Twenties

The second decade age range is usually a time for trying new things, setting goals, charting a course for your life and taking life by the horns. This is not traditionally the period where you are looking for tips but the following are some of the valuable lessons I learned in my 20s and I’m hoping they will be of immense benefit to you too.


Tip Number One     

You will fail…but try again.

I know we’d rather hear the positives, like, “you can do all things,” “you’re a born winner,” and “you’re the best.” Yes, these are all true, but in addition to them, please know that you will fail… at least a couple of times. This isn’t to say you should set out to fail – no, not at all. But not getting it right the first time is a reality of life we should all be at peace with.

That relationship might not work out; I pray it does, but if it doesn’t, don’t give up on love. You might not make the straight A’s you wanted, but don’t rest on your oars nonetheless. The business might flounder, but that doesn’t make you a no-good. The idea is to try and try some more. It isn’t over until you decide it is.

Some of the most successful men and women on the planet had serial setbacks and drawbacks before they finally pulled through. Failing isn’t the end, giving up is.

Tip Number Two

Find what sets your heart on fire and pursue it doggedly.

It’s sad that more than half of the world’s population are merely existing, stuck in a rut, going through the motions, sunrise to sunset. They eat, sleep, then repeat… Like a broken record with no symphony. Please don’t add to that number.

The status quo is: go to school, get a job you dislike, find your spot on the hamster wheel, and start spinning. How piteous. There is more to life than just paying bills. God breathed you into existence for a reason.

There is gold, real gold, inside of you. Let it out, bless the world with it. A pointer to your purpose is whatever sets your heart on fire. What makes you tick? What do you wish you could wave a wand at and fix? Get to it. Go for it and whatever you do, do not hold back.

Tip Number Three

Being is more important than having.

In today’s world where much emphasis is placed on materialism, it’s easy to get carried away with glitz & glamour especially with the advent of social media and rise of internet celebrities that keep painting an altered image of what success should look like.

Nobody cares how you do it, just make sure you “blow”(a Nigerian term that connotes being successful).
But I have come to realize that it does matter how you do it. Accountability to society is growing in popularity and the sins of the past aren’t easily forgotten anymore.

The lessons you learn along the way and who you are becoming, are infinitely more important than cash in the bank. Integrity is still a worthy virtue, empathy is still very much in vogue, consideration for others, humility, perseverance, and self discipline are all priceless attributes that should not be traded on the altar of get-rich-quick schemes.

Fortune, fame and getting ahead without the commensurate strength of character and value systems make you a fake. True success is in fact who you are and not what you have. It’s about the impact you’re making; about giving back, not amassing.  Knowing this in your twenties will help you choose the right lifestyle and career model to follow and emulate.

Tip Number Four

Its okay not to have everything figured out yet.

I have something to admit; I used to be a “control freak”. This one is personal and yet relatable.

I felt everything had to add up the way I wanted it to. I used to believe if you were smart enough, brilliant/intelligent enough, you could move all the pieces like a chess master to a checkmate.

Now I know better. Life should come with a disclaimer: “nothing is certain except the sun shining” (LisaWunmi 2020).

So you’re 20 something but you’re already feeling way in over your head? Just breathe… Don’t smother yourself with unrealistic cut-throat expectations. Dream big by all means but know that it takes time to build a lasting legacy.

Uncertainty will make the road seem longer but embracing it is courageous and that courage pays off. Opportunity likes your vulnerability.

Tip Number Five

Be goal oriented but enjoy every bit of the journey.

‘Don’t live in the past’ is the popular slogan; most of us instead are guilty of living in the future. We keep aspiring which is awesome, while forgetting to smell the roses along the way which is not so awesome.

Carpe diem. Sometimes we get so fixated on the destination that we fail to enjoy the journey. look forward to the future but live in the present.

Time does fly and before you realize it, you’ll be in your 3rd decade, then 4th, then 5th, then a grand parent, then a great grand… So you’d better take that trip now, do the bungee jumping, create beautiful moments with the ones you care about, and eat some good ol’ chocolates while you still have teeth.

“Cheers to worthwhile twenties”


Authored by Wunmi Hassan Bello [Raising Super kids]