Influencers are professionals  who have drawn attention for expertise and professionalism at their chose are of mastery.

 Dedicated to providing their audience the content they crave regularly


Influencers demonstrate authenticity and commitment to the ideas they preach. They influence by showing others how they practice the principles in their every day lives with undisguised vulnerability.


Influencers are friendly, social persons who enjoy interacting with others as they share their views. People are often inexplicably drawn towards such persons and when they lead, others seem to follow.


Marketing Marterials

TimaeroCC provides professional product marketing tools such as banners, flyers, memes, short videos and more.

With these array of tools it is easy for any influencer to keep their audience engaged and interacting.

We care about your repute just we’re sure you do too and we put effort into keeping the offers you showcase exciting.

Custom Referral Links

Timaerocc provides its affiliates with personalized links that are tracked for 31 days after generation. This enables the affiliate to earn when ever the referrer purchases a product with us.

We have also enabled social login on various popular platforms, that makes it easy for your audience to get access to our restricted content using the same social media platform login credentials.

Affiliate Tracking & Renumeration

Timaerocc employs a fully integrated affiliate application that seamlessly tracks visits,purchases and other interactions generated by your referral link.

We reward our affiliates commensurately for the superb work they do in advertising our amazing offers.

With flexible payout options, It is super easy to the money into your personal bank account. In fact, that is why we ask our affiliates to you pay a $1 token to register for this program. It enables us to verify the efficacy of the account to which payouts will be remitted.