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Last year you were faced with numerous challenges but this year, your challenges will have to face you. Resilience...being a problem to the Challenge .
Anastasia Valencia
I've said this before, the most valuable thing I learned from rocket science is that nothing is "rocket science" just a summation of simple ideas.
Adeniran Oluokun
You will solve the same problem over and over again until you create a system.The system, you see, is the only sustainable solution. To succeed, become a system
Timeyin Owojaiye

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Here you may find short courses that level-up your skill level, gradually making you a formidable professional in your career you choose. New courses will be added soon

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This describes diplomas, Co-ops and Degrees carefully selected for you, by your team of experts at TimaeroCC. By now you are already familiar with the program matches for you but you can get a refresh by reviewing the Personalized Program Recommendation section

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The major components of the program include sensitive document production, office management. You will gain tactics for personal and career growth with a service-learning element, social media management and current software programs. Related courses include communications, bookkeeping, computerized accounting, electronic spreadsheets, and organizational behaviour

This two-year diploma program is designed to enable students to acquire the entry level knowledge and skills needed to work as administrative professionals in today’s modern office.



Managing information has never been more important and executive business managers are in high demand.

People interested in becoming executive managers must possess strong organizational and analytical skills as well as excellent communication skills.

In addition they must be able to:

Integrate professional communication and office management practices for application in the office environment. 

Apply program learning in the business environment through experiential learning opportunities for enhanced industry networking.

Demonstrate application of the Conference Board of Canada employability skills for successful entry into the workplace.

Career paths

Qualified Executive Administrators are much sort after by successful companies as they are the face of the organization, to a brand of power and enviable achievements. They attend conferences and represent the best interests of their employers at important functions.

They create important memos, set up business meetings and ensure effective communication through out.

Senior office Administrators are professionals who have learnt to network effectively, brokering deals and creatively initiating new projects and delivering at an impressive rate. They master team cohesion and usually pursue further eduction in micro credentials

Executive administrators use the skills they have learned to thrive in managerial roles at various areas in federal and municipal organizations.

All applicants welcomed especially:Post-secondary diploma in accounting , bachelor of arts, ; or
University degree in business administration; or
Equivalent work experience in administrative roles

students say...

The first semester of the program is common to all students and we learn to design and create business documents using integrated software at an advanced level for effective communication.
Paula Morgan
2nd year
The special Co-op designation on our diplomas set us apart and testifies to our accomplishments. It really helps you gain solid work opportunities.
Deshawn Abisai

Office administration

Office administration

Keeping an organization’s workflow correspondence up to date and operating as intended
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You will learn the advanced configuration of public office and the organizational infrastructure that successful organizational must have
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closed applications

College of the North Atlantic

You applied for the Business Administration – Human Resource management Program at Prince Philip Drive Campus. Unfortunately, the outcome was negative as the admission requirement for this college included a passing grade of C6 or higher in Further-mathematics or post secondary mathematics with distinction.

open Applications

COLLEGE of the North Atlantic

First choice : You have applied for Office Management – Executive at the College of the North Atlantic Gander campus in Newfoundland

Fall 2021

Second choice: TBD


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Sept 14, 2020


Finding a place to live and people to share living spaces with if you wish to do so, can help you save money and prevent loneliness when you first arrive in a new city. We match our members carefully so that you can be with someone we know and  trust.

aug 20, 2019


Arriving in an airport for the first time can be fun and does not have to be scary. We provide a friendly greeter to pick you up from the airport and show you around town.

Jan 08, 2021


We can help you get setup with bus passes or Ride sharing arrangements, so you get the flexible and freedom you need.

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